"How" is from the Old Norse and Old Teutonic name for a mound or cairn (which is a heap of stones piled as a memorial or as a landmark).


  • Create an atmosphere of mentoring and mutual accountability where men can grow spiritually, socially, academically, and form a healthy life style.
  • Create a center which facilitates ministry to the college by providing a place for social & spiritual gatherings and service to the neighborhood.
  • Create a teaching tool of C.S. Lewis and especially his Chronicles of Narnia.

Commitment Required:
One semester with one month notice.

Authentic Community

  • Two meals together as a group per week.
  • Involvement in the Accountability Group (ten men, 45 min weekly).
  • Purchase of at least 5 meals on campus per week.
  • Quiet after 9:00 pm on week days (M-Th).
  • Sharing work of house as appointed - 1 hr / per week on our house or yard. (cooking, yard work, house repairs, clean-up).

Meaning & Truth

  • Ample time devoted to college studies.
  • Participation in meal discussion once a week.

Worship & Beauty

  • Keep common rooms neat and usable.
  • One prayer time as group per week with other prayer times encouraged.

Missional Journey

  • Service to our neighbors when opportunity arises.
  • Actively involved in a local church.
  • Use of the house as a center of ministry and community.


  • You must be 21 years old by the start of the semester.
  • Rent in advance - (same as the dorm)
       Single room per month $275 (plus $30 common fee, total $405)
       Double room $235 per month (plus $30 common fee = $265)
  • Late fee $20. September rent will include August days; May rent is proportional.


  • "Hanging out" with friends in the basement (TV) or in personal rooms.
  • No personal items left in the Great Hall.
  • Big-screen TV used only for ministry or house activity.
  • Clean up immediately after using the kitchen (dishes rinsed & into dishwasher).
  • Bedrooms must be presentable for tours at all times or door shut.
  • Room will include Narnia items. Permission for putting up personal items.
  • Lock back door after entering or leaving and shoes off at back entrance.

Food & Personal Items

  • Common items will be purchased as a group with a $30 per month fee for: common meals, laundry soap, hand soap, toilet paper, dish soap, tissues, napkins, trash bags, paper towel, light bulbs, milk.
  • Personal food in 20% of the refrigerator & downstairs freezer.
  • Items may be stored in boxes marked with your name.
  • One fourth of the large cabinet per person for personal food items. Frozen foods in the basement freezer. Mark your food with your initials.
  • Food you donate for common use: put in basket to the left of stove.
  • No storage of items after you move out - items sold one month later.


  • Women not allowed in bedrooms except for tours.
  • Two women and one man or two men and one woman required in the house.
  • Guests may stay three nights free by permission. Each additional night is $10.


  • Use the school as your address NOT the address of Aslan's How.
  • Cars parked on the street.
  • Clear group meetings at a house meeting before going on calendar.
  • Phone has four phone message boxes. No long distance calls - use a calling card.
  • Use towels provided in bathrooms. Clean-up person washes towels once a week.
  • Towels on stove for dishes only; towel on refrigerator for hands. Use paper towel for rest of dirty items.
  • We may hire house cleaners for the kitchen, great hall, coat room & bathrooms.
  • Furnished rooms and high speed Internet access at each desk.

I have read the guidelines and agree to follow them

Signed ________________________________ Date _________

Garry Friesen
Bible Faculty
Multnomah Bible College
Portland, Oregon, USA